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These are some of our kitchen items

We have many handmade items available to purchase that have been produced at Kain Design.
The majority of our items are hand crafted from 304 grade stainless steel by Michael and Daniel.
We include free postage to the UK on most of our items, please contact us before you place an order if you are outside of the UK.
Please contact us if you have special requirements for an item that you require, we are here to help.

Stainless steel trivets

These are a two trivets that we have crafted to our own designs. 

These trivets are handmade to a very high standard.

These are a made to order item and not a mass produced item, we use many hand tools to produce these.

They are made completely from stainless steel so they will not rust. 

These trivets have rubber feet on, so your work surface will not get scratched. 

The top edges have been mirror polished and the sides have been sandblasted to give a nice uniform finish. 

The round trivet is 300 mm in diameter. 

The square trivet is 190 mm square.

stainless steel heart trivet
Heart Trivet

This is your opportunity to purchase a handmade stainless steel trivet that we have recently designed and produced.

These are a made to order item and not a mass produced item, we use many hand tools to produce these and our other items.

If you purchase one of these, you will receive a Heart shaped Trivet identical to the pictures that has been made specifically for you.

We have used 304 grade Stainless steel to produce these trivets.

This Trivet have been sandblasted to achieve a uniform finish, the top edge has then been polished to a satin grain finish.

There are four rubber feet on the underside to protect your worktop.

This Trivet is 200 mm in diameter.

Heart Trivet
Round fruit bowl
Round fruit bowl

We have produced this fruit bowl using Stainless Steel, so it will not rust.

This is a fairly large bowl measuring 310 mm in diameter and stands at 130 mm high.

This is a reasonably robust item but like most things it can be damaged if abused.

If this fruit bowl is looked after, there is no reason why it could not last many years and even become a family heirloom.

The design of this product is such that we feel it would not be a good idea to purchase if you suspect that it may get damaged in the location that you place the bowl.

We have finished this fruit bowl in our sandblast cabinet to give a uniform finish.

Round fruit bowl

square fruit bowl
Square fruit bowl

Here we have a very large fruit bowl that we have just finished at our workshop.

This could be used to display many items but we did envisage it being used as a fruit bowl.

This is crafted from 25x3 stainless steel flat bar.

We have created a lattice effect to the base for that little bit of individuality.

This fruit bowl has been finished in our sandblast cabinet to give a uniform finish, we have then polished the edges and tops of the side arms to give that special look.

We have applied 4 rubber feet on the base to protect your surface.

This bowl is 280 mm square and stands at 150 mm in height.

Square fruit bowl

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